Thursday, 27 November 2014

Over the Hills and Far Away

As i haven't been on any particularly interesting juants lately, i'm going to cheat a bit and go back a few months to September and share with you some photos of the top of the Knockmealdown mountains.

It's a bit of a trek, but well worth it when you reach the top.

I was a bit worried about taking our two doggies as they're getting on a bit, but they were really keen and after flaking out for a bit...

they were soon up and about and raring to go.

 Megs was looking out for prey and not doing a very good job at being stealth.

It feels like your on top of the world up there.

If you squint you can just see the sea in the distance.

You can see for miles. That's son no.3 taking photos of the view and...


which is this.

Which reads 'Tipperary-Waterford border. County Waterford's highest mountain, 2,609 feet.

All that fresh air has given me an appetite, so i'm off for a cuppa and a bite to eat. :-)

Thanks for dropping by.